chocolate. polka dots. and kids.

the kiddos had the day off today
 (soooo nice not to have to get up when there is still frost on the grass and walk to school)
so we had some good times on the homestead.
we played games and watched movies.

                                   who knew chutes and ladders was such a competitive game?
hmmm. not me. i never win when we play games anyway. especially NOT memory games, omg. maddy's princess memory game...ya know the one where sleeping beauty is posed in like 12 different ways. yeah...how i am supposed to remember that card was the one where she was smelling a rose and not dancing...?? cheah. okay. i am ok with losing.
all i have to say about these is how did i ever live without them??
and healthy.
no...not totally.
but healthier than twinkies, right?

oh be still my heart.
polka dots.
on a canvas.
but that's all i got. this poor little canvas has been sitting like this for a little while now...not quite sure where to go from here. WHY IS THAT? i hate that! there are lots of layers of awesome sauce under those polka dots and i just don't want to ruin it, i guess. i have been soooo wishy washy lately that i don't want to paint or collage something onto it and then 5 minutes later regret it.
sucha dilemna.
i am workin workin on more new goods for the shop, so stay tuned.

be back tomorrow, lovelies.

jes xo

1 comment:

Tristan said...

hahaha..of course you should remember her every pose..AHHHHH!!!

those granola things look so good!!!

good luck with the polka dots..ahah