i am just me.

some days i wonder where i went.
where I went.
as a mom i sometimes feel like i am just going through the motions and doing just what needs to be done for my kids. which is totally fine. i would do anything for them, but there are moments when i am sitting quietly by myself and i don't even know how to have a thought that's just about me. it's almost as if i am uncomfortable with being just me. wow. it's a lonely feeling, which is strange, being that i am surrounded by my littles all the time. so i am on this journey. it's a very spiritual one. to find Who and what makes me....ME. and be comfortable with it. happy even. and love it.

i'm on my way.

jes xo


Brenda said...

You are on the right path for your journey, Jes. Your feelings will eventually catch up with your actions, and then every part of your life will be happy. Keep skipping, sauntering, or trudging down the yellow brick road, even if it's covered with muck, because eventually it will lead you to your very own Emerald City... Love you.

Tristan said...

So happy that you are on your way :) Love you!!
Oh, and My phone is dead..hahaha..we'll try again tomorrow YOU text me when you get time!