my fam damily. randomly.

taken from the archives.
i've realized i'm not very good at capturing moments. blogging special stuff. PRINTING pics and SCRAPBOOKING them. is it that i think they have to be reeeeeeally, reeeally important events in order to deserve a fancy layout? no...i'm gonna go with laziness. yup. that's me.

special moments are often small, insignificant moments, i know. in 10 years it would be fun to look back at some favorite meals from 2011. for instance, my tortilla soup makes my son happy and makes my daughter GAG. (what doesn't make that girl gag, though, i mean really....OH that's right! annies mac and cheese...) she's just lucky i haven't been in the mood for lentil soup recently. (last time she ate ONE lentil. ONE.)

madi got a make-up set for christmas and said, "look, mama, this is how auntie _____ wears her make-up...like a rainbow!" {snicker}

awe, the joys of letting my hair grow. one word. beanies. two words, actually. beanies and braids. when i say three words, beanies, braids and dreadlocks....please stop me.

i still don't have words for this.
my babies' first dance.
in elementary school!?!?!
i mean, really, people, reeeeeally....
i know i'm gonna be 29 next month, but come on.
my kids. at a valentines day dance.
p.s...kaden would not allow photos of him dancing. there also may or may not have been tears shed by my son when i, his mother, did the electric slide. at his school. in front of his friends.
it's a no-no, folks.


take some pics.
blog about 'em.
or scrapbook 'em.
or frame 'em.
or just put 'em on the damn fridge.
it'll make you happy.



i'm a proud mama bear.

i think all mothers struggle with this "i'm never gonna be a good enough mother" thing. at least at some point in their years as a mama bear. :) i tend to be lacking in the patience department. i am short fused and sometimes grouchy, but i could not LOVE my kids more. and i think that's what drives me to try, try, try to be a better mom. i want to see them learn, succeed, be happy, loving and compassionate little people (that grow up to be happy, loving and compassionate BIG people) and most of all feel loved by me and the people we choose to surround ourselves with. i was having one of those you-need-to-get-your-act-together-jeseca meltdowns last week when BOTH of the kids' teachers stopped me to say, "you might wanna come to the award ceremony tomorrow morning!". {smiles}
and guess what.....
i have a student of the month AND an outstanding reader?
oh yes i do. :))
you guys make me soooo proud.
i love you.

-mama :)